What is it all about?

Retirement planning or retirement solutions are about being prepared for a life when you are not anymore paid for work. And this planning is not only for the financial part but for all other aspects of life that includes how you want to spend life after retirement, where would you like to live and when would you like to quit stress of work.

The ‘number’ or the amount of money or asset investment you must have at the time of retirement may vary from one to another – it is very much personalised matter. But the sooner you start investing for retirement solution the better it is. If you want your life after retirement to be secure, free of worries and most importantly, if you want a really fun life at old age, retirement planning from a very early stage of your life should be the key. Connect with me for best solutions.

Why is this important or beneficial?

Because, you do not want to work your whole life, and you value the rest and relaxation of old age.

Also, investing in a proper retirement solution is important for –

Peace of mind. The most significant benefit of a retirement solution is knowing you have enough to spend the rest of your life peacefully.

Contextualizing pre-retirement decisions. Whether you’d remain at your current job or will look for better opportunities, or should you start your own business – all these decisions are affected and influenced by retirement plans

Tax benefits, and it includes income tax benefits as well. Tax saving and tax diversification are two major advantages of early retirement planning.

Cost saving. If you start investing for retirement solution policies very early in life, you get to cut cost for many things, like buying a house in your favourite location after retirement.

Having a better understanding of your financial objectives. Retirement comes later in life. Before that many other things are there to consider and manage.

With well-planned retirement solution, you can take your other financial decisions wisely enough.


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Buying an investment plan for your child can be tricky. While investing keep the following things in mind:

What to keep in mind when buying a retirement plan

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Otherwise there will be no true freedom. After retirement you must need a regular income support to have proper financial liberty. So, the plan you choose must offer guaranteed annuity throughout post-retirement period.

After you retire, many contingencies arise without notice and they affect not only your well-being but also your spouse’s life and freedom. Hence, getting coverage for both you and your spouse is really important, especially in a single earning member scenario.

Premium waiver benefit secures your child’s future even more because in case of the parent’s death, or any mishap that causes loss of income, the policy continues to remain active till the end of the term period, without having to pay any of the premiums. The premiums get waived off. This way, you help your child grow peacefully.

Many other things are there to consider before buying a plan as you are about to invest your hard-earned money, naturally it has to be absolutely perfect. With my guidance and advice you are sure to choose the best plan for your child.