What is it all about?

Life insurance policy is about safeguarding the future of your family members, especially if you are the main or only breadwinner. It is a financial protection for your family and loved ones for the time when you will not be around. As a responsible member of the family, everyone must start investing in Life Insurance policy right after they start earning. It ensures financial support to the family in case your demise occurs. But if you are confused regarding which insurance policy to buy, my advice will surely help you. There are several types of schemes tailored for variety of needs

Why is it important or beneficial?

Because you need to have a peace of mind

Also, when you finally start investing in life insurance policy, you actually get to –

Provide financial security to your family. In case of your sudden demise, the family does not face financial challenges

Make sure that the family isn’t stuck with your responsibility of debt repayment. If there is any, the policy amount will suffice for the same.

Create wealth for yourself and the family.

Save taxes. The yearly premium you pay is deducted from annual income and reduces the tax outgo.

Save a lot by buying the policy at the beginning of your career. The more you age, the more premium you pay.

Accumulate a lump sum amount and use it for real causes, like major illness, asset purchase, etc.

Add to your total wealth and become rich just by choosing the right policy


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Buying an investment plan for your child can be tricky. While investing keep the following things in mind:

What to keep in mind when choosing a life insurance policy

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Consider your debts, liabilities, mortality and other important matters to decide more or less how much money you will need after a certain period e.g. 10 years, 15 years, etc. The amount will decide the tenure of the policy. Understanding for how long you will have to pay the premiums will help you plan all your expenses too.

You must check the speed and quality of claim settlement from the company’s end to make sure they are not a sham. Sometimes under the famous names lie skilled forgers. So be aware.

Try to find a policy that allows automatic debit of the premium from your bank account. It helps in regular payment and keeps the policy laps risk at bay. Linking the policy with your bank account for easy payment is the most important thing to do as we tend to forget several things in our busy schedules, and premiums should be added to that list.

Your life insurance policy depends on many other things than these, but remembering these will lead you to the other vital matters and you will thus choose the right policy. Moreover, my advice will add up to the checklist and will help you decide wisely.