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I work dedicatedly to help you plan your investment and make your money really useful for you. Your objectives, passions, and needs are always my priorities.


Guide you through various ways and paths of investment to help you understand what benefits you the best


Find the best investment plan for you as per your specific objectives and customize the most suitable wealth-management plan


Help you choose the investment plan or insurance policy that matches your long term goals and makes the money you need

Introducing our mission

Our mission is to create the life you’ve always wanted.

I help people prioritize their future goals and plan finances accordingly, one step at a time. I aim at helping people decide upon their financial goals as per their dreams and objectives in life. I want to assist every individual in becoming capable of taking control of their future.

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What I Help You With

Financial Planning for Child Education

It is better to start investing for your child’s education a little early so that you get to choose from a wide range of investment avenues and check your investment risks. I guide you in the process of planning and help you choose the right policy or scheme. Know more

Investment Plan for Child’s Marriage

Looking at the present market scenario, you can more or less guess what your child’s marriage cost would be in 10-15 years to come. Hence, investing wisely to secure the corpus for the wedding is what you need to do. I make sure you choose the right investment plan that matches your risk profile and is sure to give you the right outcome. Know more

Investing in Life Insurance Policy

Keeping your family’s future secure in terms of financial support is the most important thing to do. When you’ll not be around, the family must sustain with the lump sum amount they’ll get as insurance recovery. While the emotional loss is never revived, the financial situation can be upturned with right decision about investing in a Life Insurance Plan. Know more

Health Insurance Investment

With rapid lifestyle changes, health issues have also escalated, and they are turning complex in nature every day. So, investing your money into a health insurance is a wise decision to make. You medical expenses do not come with a prior notice; hence, you should remain backed up for the worst case scenario. Not sure which health insurance to buy? I am here to help. Know more

Buying the right Accident Insurance

Meeting with an accident creates tremendous impact upon the person affected and the associated family as well as acquaintances. But, what gets most affected is the income of the person. A good Accident & Disability cover can compensate for the income, mainly round that time when the person is unable to work at all. To choose the right accident insurance policy, get in touch with me. Know more

Financial Advice for Wealth Management

When it comes to wealth management, it’s not about just one thing. It is about, accounting, tax services, retirement plan, estate planning, investment planning, etc. The idea is to use your money and wealth wisely. It is about sorting out where to invest, when and how much. As a wealth management advisor, I help you channelize your hard-earned money into the right direction so that you yourself can enjoy the benefits of it, not only your family. Know more

Choosing the perfect Retirement Solution

After taking the permanent break from work, what makes you most worried is how you will keep going the coming years. Having a pension or PF is not enough. What about your dreams? What about those plans you made for your old age? For that to take shape in reality, you must invest your money in Retirement Solutions. If you are not sure which plan suits you the best, contact me. Know more

Guidance on Company Key-man Insurance

If you are running a company and you think one of your employees is a real asset to your firm, go for Key-man insurance. When claimed, you as a company get benefitted with the sum assured that helps you recover the loss of that valuable worker. Are you coming across this idea for the first time? No worries. I am here to guide you through the path. Know more

Advice on Employer-Employee Insurance

As an employer, you can buy insurance for your selected employees to let them have the benefit of sum assured at the end of the tenure while you pay the premium throughout. Now the obvious question comes, why? why would you pay for your employees insurance? For the answers, I am here to enlighten you. Know more

To help you set goals on the road to self-discovery.

Lead the life you dream of with right financial planning and investment decisions


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After you retire, many contingencies arise without notice and they affect not only your well-being but also your spouse’s life and freedom. Hence, getting coverage for both you and your spouse is really important, especially in a single earning member scenario.

Cost of living has increased in past few years, and it will continue to rise more and more in the coming years. And in this situation, inflation depletes your income as well as funds very badly. Hence, keeping your regular income flow protected against the market fluctuations is very important.

Other than these, retirement solutions offered by various financial institutes offer many other additional benefits that allow you a better and sager life in your old age. If you are confused regarding which retirement plan to choose and what advantages that may offer, contact me for the best possible guidance on the matter.

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