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About Me

About My Endeavour

It is an endeavour to provide professional financial planning, investment and wealth management advice to individuals as well as families and at the same time help them recognize their financial goals by identifying their unique requirements.

I constantly try to educate my clients on the available options for proper & feasible financial planning so that they can make decisions only after knowing and understanding the whole information, including all pros and cons.

Everyone wants their hard work to show up as money. Only they need to know the right procedure and route. I guide them in knowing, whatwherewhy and most importantly how they can earn their financial freedom.


A Brief Note On Myself

  • I am Neeta Nihalani – An experienced wealth advisor, for I have long been associated with eminent financial institutions like TATA AIA, State Bank of India Life Insurance, HDFC Ergo, Bajaj Allianz & Aditya Birla Health Insurance.
  • I am passionate about Personal Wealth Management & Planning as well as Financial Literacy.
  • I have been working successfully in the Life & Health Insurance sector since 2015. My advocacy has helped 100s of individuals plan their upcoming years, way in advance to secure a financially comfortable living.
  • I have served as the President of the ‘Inner Wheel Club of GandhiDham’ in 2019.
  • In 2020, I have been awarded as ‘Jewel of the Crown’ by State Bank of India Life Insurance, & I boost about being the Ist lady to achieve this award in the history of GandhiDham.
  • I have been elected as President of Human Rights Foundation of India, GandhiDham Women Cell in 2021-2022
  • I am a trainer working for sustainable hygiene for StoneSoup Company.
  • For all the social work I have been doing since last 6 years, I have been conferred with 25+ prestigious awards.

What Drove Me into Financial Advisory

My keenness and enthusiasm for social work has driven me towards financial planning and wealth management. Being aware of the lack of financial awareness and literacy in our country, I came up with the idea of opening this firm so that I can educate people on the need of financial planning, assist people in understanding wealth management and guide them in identifying perfect investment schemes.

I aspire to the only name in the market whom people take resort to whenever they are in need of tailor-made financial planning. My guidance is NOT influenced by products but by YOUR efficiency and needs.

My Mission

I dedicatedly work towards helping people prioritize their future goals and plan finances accordingly, one step at a time. My sole aim is to help people decide upon their financial goals as per their aims and objectives in life. I want to assist every individual in becoming capable of taking control of their future. People in our society lack financial planning. They are unable to make the right decisions regarding investments. They are really in need of help with wealth management. And I am more than happy to extend my hand in help, using my knowledge and experience. Therefore, my mission is to help people plan their life ahead and make financial decisions after knowing every aspects, benefits, risks and gains

How We Help You With This

I have built this firm with the unbending principle of honesty, authenticity & integrity. In the whole process the guidance through different stages, products will come last. Your objectives, passions, focus and needs are always my priorities. My advice is always an outcome of thorough market research and client study. I offer you professional, reliable and value-driven financial assistance to take you a step forward towards real money-making.


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