What is it all about?

When you buy a health insurance, the company agrees to compensate for the medical expenses when the person insured falls ill and it leads to hospitalization. Health insurance is a necessity for all these days. You cannot rely on the cash in hand to pay all the medical bills at hospital. Medical treatment has become expensive more than ever and to keep yourself and your family safe, you must get them covered by a reliable insurance policy. It proves to be a saviour in case of real emergencies. My cost-free consultation will help you choose the best health insurance policy considering all aspects of your income and growth.

Why is it important or beneficial?

Because it takes care of you when you yourself can’t

It is also important for the reasons like –

Cashless treatment. You have to pay almost nothing as the insurance company has a tie up with the hospital and they work in collaboration with each other.

Portability benefits, which allow you to transfer the policy you already have to a new insurance provider. So when the company is taking you for granted, go for better options

Stress-free treatment is what you experience when you are covered by an insurance company. Otherwise, the huge expenses would ruin your financial situation and you’d be under stress for life

We also offer Group Health Insurance Plan that can be taken by Employers to provide health safety to their Employees.

You get to save your savings. Yes, when you are covered by a policy, your medical expenses are saved, and the money you have saved in other schemes and plans so far remain untouched.

Most importantly, a health insurance policy is needed to recover from a serious illness, if any detected in your life time. Being ready to face the challenge is always wise.

Now you can opt for higher Sum Assured on your Existing Health by taking Health Top-up Policy.

Tax benefits are offered for people paying health insurance premiums


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Buying an investment plan for your child can be tricky. While investing keep the following things in mind:

What to keep in mind when choosing a health insurance policy

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If the whole family is covered, you have very little to worry about in terms of your and the loved ones’ health. Opting for a family plan is always better than an individual plan, depending on the benefits you get.

Up to a period of 60 days, the pre and post hospitalization charges are also covered by certain policies. While buying one, check if you are getting the benefit or not. The pre and post term is vital and incur huge costs in most of the cases, getting it covered under the policy would be the best thing to do.

It means if you haven’t claimed any treatment cost the last year, a bonus amount would be added to your policy which you can utilize later when there would be serious need of the policy fund.

Other than these, you must be looking for several other benefits and features, like tax cut, room charges, medical check-up inclusion etc. With my guidance and support, you will surely get to choose the most befitting health insurance policy.