What is it all about?

Though concepts around marriage have changed round the decades, we still prioritize it. When it comes to the wedding of your own children, you certainly want something special and extraordinary to happen. And for that dream to come true, you must save the funds well in advance. Apart from funding child’s education and other important learning areas, you should have a separate fund for the wedding. How to create that and where – the answers lie with me.

Why is it important or beneficial?

Because it will let you enjoy your own son’s or daughter’s marriage without having to worry about how you will pay the wedding planners.

Other than that, you get to –

Secure your child’s future in terms of marriage

Let your child grow up peacefully without the headache of accumulating money for his own wedding

Take away all the trouble related to arrangement of finances from your child

Allow healthy financial practice in the family that your child carries forward to next generation

Lessen the chances of taking a loan for marriage

Arrange for a peaceful, tension-free marriage for your child


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Buying an investment plan for your child can be tricky. While investing keep the following things in mind:

What to keep in mind when choosing an investment plan for your child

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When you invest for your child’s marriage, it is not just the wedding that comes in the way of planning. There are many other things that you can’t foresee but will surely occur. The budget for the whole event will increase up to almost 30%. That’s why, you must check whether the plan you are buying is worth the value of money 15-20 year down the line.

When you start investing for your child right from the beginning, you get to enjoy the benefit of the extended time frame which enables you to build up a stronger fund. Invest in schemes that have long term trajectory so that you can save for a longer period and finally see a better outcome.

While planning your child’s marriage you can plan for other major things as well, because the marriage lies in future, and before that occurs, you may require the fund for something more important, like his or her higher studies. You never know what you will require the money for., hence, while investing in a child plan, keep your focus fixed and make the vital goals your priority.

Many other things are there to consider before buying a plan as you are about to invest your hard-earned money, naturally it has to be absolutely perfect. With my guidance and advice you are sure to choose the best plan for your child.