What is it all about?

Child education planning is about building your children’s future by helping them study anything they like and choose any career path they want. And to provide them with that kind of freedom, what you need is a proper plan regarding your finances. The most important thing to decide here is where to invest and how much. That’s where you need professional advice. We help you understand your financial potential and choose the best investment plan accordingly.

Why is it important or beneficial?

Because you value your child’s dreams!

When you opt for a proper education plan, you get to –

Provide a great life to your children

Plan other important expenses as the education part is sorted

Avail the benefit of the power of compounding

Reduce your child’s pressure to accumulate the money needed for studies

Create a healthy financial practice in your child, also in other family members

Stay prepared to face inflation strategically

Offer your child a proper career path and help him/her remain focused

Most importantly, you get to support your child’s dream in every possible way


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Buying an investment plan for your child can be tricky. While investing keep the following things in mind:

What to keep in mind when choosing an investment plan for child education

How can we help you?

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When you invest for your child, it is not just education that comes in the way of he/she growing up. There are many other things that you can’t foresee but will surely occur, such as extra-curricular activities. That’s why your investment plan must suffice for all of them. Check whether the plan you are buying is worth the value of money 15 year down the line.

Consider unit linked plans for your child. Long term equities almost always provide good returns, hence it helps in growing the fund for your child. The more the returns are, the better for your child’s future. So, if you are confident enough about you risk appetite, go ahead and buy equity linked plans.

Premium waiver benefit secures your child’s future even more because in case of the parent’s death, or any mishap that causes loss of income, the policy continues to remain active till the end of the term period, without having to pay any of the premiums. The premiums get waived off. This way, you help your child grow peacefully.

Many other things are there to consider before buying a plan as you are about to invest your hard-earned money, naturally it has to be absolutely perfect. With my guidance and advice you are sure to choose the best plan for your child.